Hager's Catering is passionate, proud of its people, products and locations


Hager's Catering is proud of its creativity and innovation is at the heart of all things


Hager's Catering celebrates the successes but always remain humble and respectful


Hager catering constantly strives for perfection in all his actions and realized that his ``hands on`` approach.

About Hagers

Hager’s Catering creates and delivers culinary memories for your guests, whether, at an event in a festive Location or in our takeaway. Our catering since the year 2007 creates culinary highlights that make a talking point.
Hager’s Catering has matured over the years into a truly creative high-quality companies.

Fantastically beautiful, and perfectly luxurious

Not only the menu but also the ambience of our planned events.

At Hager we cater for a Ssries of events and events. We have a loyal and highly qualified team, from the cocktail waiters to chefs, the designers of the Center pieces and decorators.
Whether you are want a private chef for a “special” dinner or a full team for a wedding, a major event or a company party, we propose you our services. From the moment of your request, our professional team will take care of your needs to your complete satisfaction.
We invite you to an interview, in which we can explain your needs and desires, one. We offer sample menus for tasting. All menus are based on the initial interview, which takes place at a convenient time for you, customized for you perfectly tailored.
We are constantly striving to realize your visions and dreams, and Hager’s catering your wedding or event, large or small, an unforgettable highlight close.


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